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Butt Augmentation

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Butt Augmentation

Normal aging causes our buttocks to droop and change shape. But because several high profile movies stars, including J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and Beyonce underwent buttock enhancement to make their derrieres curvier and more round, many more women are now asking their plastic surgeons about butt augmentation. And it’s no wonder: in virtually all cultures, shapely buttocks have always been one of the most important determinants of the female figure. Moreover, modern fashions reveal more body parts, making us more aware of our imperfections, however slight. Yet another factor driving women to plastic surgeons for butt augmentation is actually too much working out and athletics. Some women are so physically fit, they have lost virtually all the fat from their buns, making those rear ends too flat.

Common Questions about Butt Augmentation

Who would best Represent an ideal Candidate for Buttock Augmentation?

The ideal candidate for butt augmentation is in good health, within normal weight ranges and wears an eight to 12 dress size. But if a potential patient wears a size two to four dress, she may not have enough fat to spare. That’s one case in which the surgeon may ask her to go home and gain some weight before again being evaluated.

Where Do I Begin?

Because only a handful of surgeons have substantial experience with butt augmentation through fat transfer, the best place to begin is with a computer search on the Internet. Once you find a surgeon who offers the procedure, ask the usual questions every patient should ask her plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Moreover, your surgeon will want to know what you consider an attractive rear. Exactly what comprises an attractive pair of female buns depends on your ethnicity and where you are from. Some want a larger and rounder rear, some want narrow and athletic while still others want a derriere that falls somewhere in the middle.

What are the Benefits to this Procedure?

Benefits include a trimmer, often athletic-looking rear end which enhances the most current fashions in slacks, dresses, workout garb, bathing suits (including thongs!) and other revealing garments. As with other surgical rejuvenations, you will most likely enjoy an increase in self-esteem and confidence after everything heals.

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