Saturday, 6 August 2011

10 Best Cruise Ships Known for their Services

10. Silver Sea Cruise

The Silver Sea Cruise liner has successfully established a niche for them by striving to provide casual elegance and a fine dining experience with Relais and Chateaux cuisine. Superb wines and champagne succeed in setting the mood and creating an atmosphere of style and grace.  

 9. Celebrity Cruise
As the name suggests, Celebrity Cruise, the luxury cruise ship promises to treat each passenger on board like a celebrity. Their policy of one staff to two passengers’ ratio has won them several awards and accolades for their service and hospitality. The spa facilities that this luxury cruise liner has to offer are the best among all cruise liners. In fact, luxury and personal care is the trade mark of this splendid luxury cruise liner.

 8. Princess Cruises

These luxury cruise ships carry the theme of royalty; their interiors strive to replicate magnificent palaces and they assure you that they have no parallels in providing individualized service. Princess Cruises carry fewer passengers than other cruise ships, thereby ensuring that each passenger gets the special attention that is due to them.

 7. The Royal Caribbean Cruise ships
This cruise liners are the world’s best known and their ships keep getting larger with each new addition to their line. The Royal Caribbean cruise ships cover most of the world’s favorite vacation destinations. A variety of cruise activities are provided onboard. With several years of experience to their credit, the Royal Caribbean Cruises have the entire infrastructure in place and work perfectly well.

  6. Oceania cruises
This luxury cruise ship ensures that they stop at most ports over night so that their passengers can spend extra hours sightseeing and do not have to rush back. The Oceania cruises also provide the highest number of scheduled activities on board to ensure that their passengers continue to be enthralled and happy throughout the duration of the cruise.

  5. The Regent Seven Seas
The Regent Seven Seas are known as a nature lover’s cruise line and these ships travel to rare and exotic destinations which provide a literal feast for the eyes, with wide vistas of nature unfolding before them. This cruise ship is well known for their superb service and amenities on board. The cruises are billed as all inclusive and their fare includes all the tips, alcoholic beverages, shore excursions and one night’s hotel stay before boarding the cruise liner.

 4. The Disney Cruise lines
The Disney Cruise lines are one of the most popular family cruise liners and their name evokes magic. The ambience on board is royal and facilities exceptional. Disney Cruise Lines promises a fabulous family vacation combined with the magic of Disney and comfort and infra structure of a 5 star hotel.

3. Crystal cruises

Crystal cruises take pride in being known as the most stylish liners. Cabins are elegant and spacious and facilitate a Creative Learning Institute on board with classes held by the Society of Wine educators, Smithsonian and Berlitz. Exclusive wine tasting evenings, afternoon teas that are relaxing and excellent dining restaurants offering best cuisine are some of their specialties. The Crystal Cruise is the first choice for passengers who seek style and luxury. They have exclusive theme based voyages which are immensely popular among the connoisseurs of wine.

2. Cunard Lines

These luxury cruise liners are the ultimate in cruise ships. Iconic ships, celebrity passengers, and excellent service coupled with facilities make them the most famous ships in the world. Even though more expensive than others, they provide luxury and magnificence unmatched and unparalleled by any other cruise liner.  

1. Holland American Lines

They are one of the oldest cruise lines and they offered their first ever cruise in 1895. Till date, they have won several awards for best over al cuisines for over 17 consecutive years. Even though they have been bought over by Carnival Corp, they remain the best ever cruise line offering the best of services on board and have retained their individuality and touch of class.

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